Vision & Mission

  • 1.The emphasis (Bahujan Hitai Bahujan Sukhay) has been on all round progress and welfare of the under privileges and weaker section of the Rural & Tribal society.
  • 2.The Institution has been functioning for the implement of groups community and society of different section.
  • 3.To provide the proper and details information about the syllabus in order to enhance the inter personal relationship with in the society
  • 4.To organized the cultural programme and extra curricular activities namely N.S.S., Sport, Street play, Village Camp, Environment awareness etc.   so that this experience would be able to help full for creating the New Scale in life.
  • 5.Schedule Tribe &  weaker section  for the  uplifting of groups, community and society of different sections.
  • 6.To organized the seminar, conference, workshops on different new topics for professional social work education.
  • 7.To provide the counseling and Guidance to the students for solving their problems in order to take the challenges of life.
  • 8.The tools of social work education have been used to solve the problems for individual, group and community.
  • 9.To arrange the pulse polio, Blood donation and health check-up programmes in the college with the help of Rural Hospital Chimur & General Hospital Chandrapur.
  • 10.To develop the all round personality of professional social workers.

Therefore, above mentioned vision and Mission have been framed by the institution and it have been communicated to the students, teachers staff and stakeholders.